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    Mark Ward

    Well the KMC was greated with light winds and warm spring sunshine in which to relish the delights of Castle rock. Turnout was high, thanks to Matt A, Mike Weighal, Mike Walker, Robyn, Cath S, Steve and Kath P,Andy B, Brendan, Jamie, Ros, Josh, Scott, Steve Dixon, Mike K, Stuart K, Jon T, David W, Dave Absalam and Jonny who joined me for a lovely evenings climbing. Some short waits were necessary due to the weight of traffic but the usual routes got well trampled with Slab Climb, Lilleth, Wall Climb, Gangway, Kleine Rinne, Yew tree climb, Gazebo and Via Media all getting a good shoeing.
    Apologies if I have missed any attendees or spectacular ascents, its not personal I was trying to climb whilst noting who was there and what they were doing!

    Forecast is good for Saturday, Grey crag is a corker so lets do it all again…..woo hoo


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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