Subscribing to the KMC calendar

The KMC events are available as an iCal calendar feed that can be displayed in many calendar applications. You can receive email notifications, whenever an event is added to the KMC calendar, by clicking on the Subscribe to email updates button on the top right of the Events page. This uses a system called Feedburner (provided by Google), which analyses the site’s calendar feed and generates the email notifications. Most calendar applications will allow you to open a .ics file, which you can download from this site. To download the file simply enter the URL in your browser. This will prompt you to download the .ics file (or download it directly into your downloads folder, depending on your browser/settings). You can then open this in your calendar application. The better applications allow you to subscribe to remote ical feeds, which then get updated when events are added, in these cases you can use the url to the iCal feed (see example below).
Example: Subscribing to Events Using Google Calendar
As an example, this is how to subscribe to our events calendar using Google Calendar. Visit your main Calendar page, and on the left side next to Other Calendars you’ll see a little arrow that opens a sub-menu when clicked. From there, click From URL and type in the following popup, followed by Add calendar. That’s it!