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    Daniel Wilson

    The weather was playing with us for the castle rock meet!… after heavy rainfall all morning, it stopped (kind of) at about midday. Arriving at the crag for 4 pm it was clear even from the road that the crag was wet. I don’t mind admitting that kong was calling me but this wasn’t the case for Steve and Mark who were ‘keen’ to lead some of the severes and do what looked like the dry routes. About 10 minutes into the climbs and at a suitably committed height the rain returned! Neither of the leaders succumbed to natures message and continued and the rain abated.
    While some of us still doubted the conditions Matt was having none of it and appealed to our national pride! Mike and Kath arrived and the climbing continued. Route after route was ticked off and for a while the sun even came out! The crag continued to dry and confidence continued to grow and in the fading light some of the harder routes were led. Then, just as we were packing up the heavy rain returned m. We made a hasty retreat to salutation which was closed so we went to The horse and farrier.
    Thanks everyone for a great evening and for showing me that a little bit of perseverance can be worth it!
    Kmc members
    Dan W, Mark M, Tina, Craig, Steve, Mick, Mike, Cath, Matt A.

    Routes climbed
    Via media, gazebo direct, Kleinne rinne, yew tree climb, wall climb, Lilith and slab climb.

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