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    Cath Sullivan

    Tuesday 23rd April’s evening meet at Shepherd’s Crag saw better-than-expected weather, and new and long-standing KMC members were liberally sprinkled across the crag enjoying varying degrees of exhilaration. Between us we climbed a range of routes including most of Brown Slabs (several times and in all kinds of different fashions), Aaros, Delight Maker, Eve, CDM, Brown Crag Wall, Ardus and Fishers Folly. After making sure that all the available daylight had been fully used, most of us retired to the Borrowdale Hotel for post-climbing refreshments. Feels like spring is finally springing, and what a great turnout!

    Members in attendance (with apologies to anyone I missed in my first KMC cat-herding effort): Sam S, David W, Mark W, Dan, Mike W, Matt A, Robyn, Andrew S, Mark M, Judith, Joe, Audrey, Craig, Aileen, Kerry, Pete, Charlie, Ewan, Anne B, Geraint, Mike M, George.

    Cath S

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