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    Judith Brown

    After a night and morning of rain, it was hardly surprising that the crag was wet. A general inspection revealed it to have been visited by a bloke with a grease gun. And where had all that moss come from? I don’t remember Brown Slabs being quite so carpeted with a rich covering of green. The first of us to arrive made a tentative start up Brown Crag Arete. Then Matt and Rob arrived and pondered the damp options for a long time. Slowly but surely other folk turned up, having cunningly waited until the sun peeped shyly out through the murk – and until the early birds had dried off bits of crag with our slitherings.
    “Typical.” says I, “The sun comes out just before it goes dark.” “Yes,” agreed Mark, “It has to come out so it can set.” Amid the trees, dusk seemed to thicken rather quickly, and I mooted retreat to the pub, which duly ensued with the usually fine beverages at the Dog and Gun.

    Various routes were done on Brown Slabs and Brendan and Jamie did something which may have been a combination of Turning the North (v.diff) and Gemma (HVS)!

    The team was Ros DF, Mike K, Mark W, Aileen, Jamie, Brendan, Geraint, Matt, Rob and Judith

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