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    Judith Brown


    To ease ourselves back into more regular Club activities, we have organised a local scramble meet this Sunday. To comply with COVID guidance we need to be a bit more formal than usual:

    1: Please confirm your attendance by Saturday evening, either via the Facebook page or by e-mail. This way we can regulate numbers to ensure that we do not exceed 6 people per group. If more than 6 people confirm attendance, we will form a second party with a second leader who will allow the first party a head start – or may choose to do an alternative route.

    2: Please maintain appropriate physical distancing throughout the event.

    3: Parking will be at a premium so please set out in good time in order to make the rendezvous point by the start time.

    Details: Meet at Seathwaite, near the turning area by the farm gates at 9.30. There are places to park along the road – these get full very quickly. There is also a NT car park at Seatoller, which may be quieter but will add a few extra kilometres to your day, so factor that in. If parking on the Seathwaite road please make sure not to block gates or impede access.

    The plan is to do three routes, Sourmilk Gill, 3 stars – grade 1, 2 and 3 options with easy escapes; Seathwaite Slabs, 1 star, options at both grade 1 and 3; and Rabbit’s Trod on Gillercombe Buttress, 3 stars, grade 2.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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