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    The KMC will be resuming official club meets in compliance with current guidance from the government, Sport England, and the BMC. This note sets out the requirements placed on individual members by that guidance and applies to the period 12th April to the 17th May.

    Although the risks of spreading and contracting COVID-19 when walking, scrambling or climbing outdoors are relatively low, they do exist. By taking a few simple actions that risk can be further reduced.

    Meet participants are reminded to act in such a way as to minimise the risks to themselves, others attending the meet, and members of the public, of either contracting or passing on the virus. Please stick to the following simple rules:

    – DO NOT attend the meet if you have, or suspect you may have, the virus, share a household with someone who has the virus or COVID symptoms, or if anyone in your household has been told to self-isolate/quarantine.

    – Do not car-share with anyone who is not a member of your household/support bubble.

    – During the meet respect social distancing – allow people adequate space, keeping 2 metres apart wherever possible.

    – Carry hand-sanitiser and use it frequently especially after touching gates/stiles, and before and after routes when climbing.

    – Do not share equipment, food or drink. Where this is unavoidable, e.g. when a second removes protection placed by the leader, remember to avoid touching your face, and hand-sanitise as soon as possible.

    – Remember that there is an infection risk associated with putting gear in the mouth whilst placing and clipping gear.

    – Stay within your competency levels, this is not the time to be pushing your limits. Take special care to ease yourself back in if you did not walk, climb or scramble as much as usual last year.

    – If you or anyone in your household develops COVID or if you are instructed to self-isolate/quarantine within 14 days after the meet, you must inform the meet leader or a club official to facilitate contact tracing of other people who were in contact with you.

    From the 17th May it is expected that most legal restrictions on meeting other people outdoors will be further relaxed. It is also possible that car-sharing may be permitted from that date. The Club will publish an updated briefing note for members prior to this time.

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