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    KMC Webmaster

    I sent the following email at midday…

    “I apologise for sending this email in what appears to be the wrong topic, but I am trying to track down a problem occurring in forum notification emails regarding updates to the “Meet Information and reports” forum. The last notification email went out on June 15, 2022 at 8:32 am (from Jonathan Trotman) to 70 of our members but 15 members seemed to be omitted. Their email was sent to a blank email address which gave a system error “missing recipient”. The text of the message started “A gorgeous evening was had up in Combe Gill”. Note that Jon had sent a previous forum notification about this same meet (with the same heading) on June 12, 2022 at 8:34 am. The people who were omitted from the notification emails DO have their correct email address in our database, and can receive emails from the system (some of the time!)

    If you received this email notification you don’t need to do anything (I have a log of the emails sent successfully).

    If you are sure that you did not receive this email, then it would help me if you could send me a email (DO NOT REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL) but send to stuartataltitude@gmail.com, to let me know that you did not receive Jon’s notification.

    A second thing that the non-receiving members can do is to re-subscribe…
    1) Choose Forums from the website’s Members menu
    2) Choose Meet information and reports
    3) Choose Unsubscribe (in top right corner of grey box)
    4) Choose Subscribe (in top right corner of grey box) – this menu item should be left saying Unsubscribe (which means you are subscribed)
    This may not fix anything but it is worth a try!

    We have had a problem before when emails were sent from a member with very slow internet, but this sees different. Our website is built from about 40 free/cheap modules for a system called WordPress. Individuals/companies provide modules and do test them, but cannot test the combinations of their module(s) with those from other individuals/companies. This problem could be caused by an update to one of the modules, an update to WordPress’ base system, or could be something due to the sending individual’s own computer setup (e.g. their own email system). So tracking the issue down is not easy! Thanks for your help and apologies for the issue if it has caused you problems.“

    It seems this email went to the members who have been successfully receiving email notifications, but NOT to the 15 or so (newer) members who have not been receiving the email notifications. I think/hope this is because the website has been hitting a limit set on the time a web process is allowed take, before it is prematurely cancelled. I have asked the company that hosts our website to increase this limit (which they tell me they have done). So I am resending this mail again, and hoping that this time it will reach more of you. If you did NOT receive the quoted text above at lunchtime, but DO receive this email, then please email me on stuartataltitude@gmail.com to let me know (DO NOT just reply directly to this email). Thanks and apologies for boring you with emails!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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