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    KMC Webmaster

    I have probably bored and maybe worried people by sending several emails in the `Raven Crag, Combe Gill’ topic, following finding that several members had not been receiving email notifications when they should have. The members who missed some emails were…
    Aileen Robertson
    Alexandra Hatfield
    Andrew Brockbank
    Ann Shellard
    Anne Burbidge
    Curtis Rutter
    Eleanor Becerra
    Garry Reed
    Greg Cave
    Jake Bromley
    Jim Cox
    Joseph Masters
    Lisa Muir
    Mark Megan
    Martin Walker
    Megan Brown
    Norman Tonkin
    Oliver Widdaker
    Olli Yerby
    Paul Allen
    Paul Dixon
    Paul Towers
    Peter Wyatt
    Phil Caesley
    Rob Prowse
    Roland Jackson
    Ros DeFraine
    Simon Alvey
    Sophie Muir
    Steve Dixon
    Stuart Gorman
    Tara Mcguirk
    Tina Holt

    I believe (hope!!) this problem is now fixed (caused by the company that hosts our web site adding some constriction on the maximum execution time that the website can spend on any action – which has now been increased). I apologise to all of you for this issue (not something anyone in the club caused)!

    Brendan’s email about Gimmer, and Jonathan’s about High Crag Buttermere appear to have gone out successfully to all members.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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