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    Mark Ward

    Good Afternoon everyone,
    In response to my previous email requesting volunteers to help with the meet schedules for this year so far I have 4 volunteers. My thanks go to those individuals who have put themselves forward, however, if we are to run a full schedule this year (30+ meets) we are going to need at least 10 leaders in order to share out the workload and cater for holidays and period away over the summer months.

    If you have not already let me know that you are happy to lead some meets then please do so ASAP so I can start to populate the schedules. As always, do not use the “Reply” function above but send an email direct to this link markward1962@gmail.com

    I reiterate that the meet leader role is not an onerous responsibility, primarily a coordination role for each event and the more it is shared out the less of a burden it becomes overall. If you are an active climbing member of the club, and you enjoy the climbing meets, please look on this as your opportunity to put something back into the club.

    If you are thinking of volunteering but are concerned that you are inexperienced please be assured that I, and other experienced meet leaders, will actively support you until you are fully up to speed, you just need to be prepared to put yourself forward

    Ideally the KMC would have a good spread of leaders so that in the future the club can fulfill an exciting calendar of events year on year

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Best Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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