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    KMC Webmaster

    I have just received the email below, telling me that the server that hosts our KMC website is to be upgraded on Sunday August 14th. Apart from the 15 minutes downtime, that the email speaks of, this might introduce other unexpected issues. If, on or after the 14th August, you notice any new problems with the website, please let me know (stuartataltitude@gmail.com).

    “Hello Stuart,

    As part of our recent upgrades to NVMe servers, on Sunday August 14th we will be replacing the servers R218 and S399 which run your hosting account keswickmountaineeringclub.com.

    The new server includes fast AMD EPYC CPUs, NVMe storage, and updated software. Both these old servers use the Centos 7 operating system which is unfortunately no longer supported, meaning that we need to replace with a new system. Additionally, we are now using latest-generation hardware for vastly improved performance, at no extra cost.

    During this work you may notice a short period of downtime (under 15 minutes in most cases) as your account is copied to the new system, but please contact us if you see any problems or have any questions. Our status page at https://status.mysecurecloudhost.com will be updated with more details as the work takes place.

    Important: As part of this upgrade your website’s IP address will change. If you do not use our nameservers the new IP you will need is: If you have any queries or would like your account copying at an arranged time in advance, please create a support ticket and we can assist. Web requests from the old IP will be also proxied to the new system to ease the transition.

    Please note: Your existing server uses Linode as the underlying provider. Whilst we cannot deploy the all-nvme hardware on Linode, we are still operating Cloudlinux 8 Linode shared/reseller servers in London on a per-request basis. If you have a preference to stay on Linode please let me know and we can discuss the details.


    Dom Taylor

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