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    I’m a research student and I’m looking at how mountaineering boots affect muscle activation. I was wondering if any of club members would like to participate in my biomechanics masters research project on Saturday 25th March?

    I’m doing the first ever research on how mountaineering boots affect muscle activation, which can help us understand muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue is important as slips trips and falls occur due to muscle fatigue, and these injuries are the number one type of injury for hikers.

    Mountaineering boots are supposed to help increase stability and reduce risk of injury allowing you to walk for longer. However research on similar shoes (like firefighting boots) found that a stiff sole, high ankle cuff, and heavier shoes lead to increased muscle fatigue.

    The aim of my study is to examine how hiking boots and mountaineering boots affect muscle activity and joint load when walking up steep, uneven surfaces, and compare the two.

    Data collection is taking place on Saturday 25th March. We will be at Mardale Head car park, Penrith, Bampton, Penrith, CA10 2RP. Grid reference: NY 46949 10744. We will be there from 9am until 5pm to collect data.

    We only need 20 minutes of each participant’s time! We’re using EMG markers to track muscle activity. 3 markers will be temporarily attached using double sided tape. Participants will be asked to walk a distance of 10 meters in each pair of footwear (hiking boots and mountaineering boots). That’s it!

    It would be incredibly helpful if anyone could volunteer as a participant! If anyone would like to come or has any questions you can email me on w025576j@student.staffs.ac.uk or call me at 07927728753.

    Thank you!

    Sally Wilson

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