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    Stuart Watson

    The day was forecast to be raining on and off all day, but we kept optimistic and turned up at around 4pm to find it dry, with quite a lot of sun and blue sky! Sixteen of us turned up: Stuart W, Celia, Mark, Martin, Judith, Cath, Geraint, Ros, Mike, Phil, John, Ann, Stuart G, Carol, Steve & Aileen. Too many routes were climbed to list.

    In the two years since my accident, I had only competed one climb (others given up half way), so I was very pleased to get to the top of 5 climbs (with a LOT of puffing noises). Thankfully all the climbs at Head End are very short! Great to see Phil and John back out climbing again after their surgery too.

    A previous visitor to Head End had left a tent, with a fluffy stuffed parrot, a voodoo style mask, an inflatable guitar, and a leftover sausage in a frying pan (which no one in our group fancied eating?). Thanks to those members of our group who cleared up this mess.

    The rain reappeared soon after 7pm, driving us to the pub (Greyhound Inn in Bothel as Black Lion in Ireby was closed). A great evening was had by all.

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