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    Judith Brown

    In the face of dire weather warnings that we were all going to cook and die of heat exhaustion there was a gradual disintegration of this meet as the day went on, with alternative options pinging back and forth on WhatsApp all day. I’m not sure how many mini-meets took place eventually but I think there were small groups at Shepherd’s Crag and paddling up Grains Ghyll. Meanwhile, the people braving the main meet assembled at Honister in a stiff breeze and a light cloud cover, as promised by the Met Office. We were rewarded with absolutely perfect conditions – dry rock, comfortable temperature, no risk of sunburn, and, best of all, having the crag entirely to ourselves.

    Roland and (returning member) Dan Wilson tackled the mysterious depths of Grey Knotts Face. I haven’t caught up with them to find out how they got on, but I am reliably informed that they got off the hill OK and are not still interred in the notorious ‘letter-box’ slot. Jamie and I enjoyed the classic Gillercombe Buttress without the usual ‘mass ascent’, which meant we were able to really appreciate the high mountain atmosphere of the route. Meanwhile, Jonathan, Pete and (new member) Dave Welsh explored the more esoteric delights of the upper crag, which offers a selection of shorter routes. They did Rough Magic and Rough Stuff. I think the routes names tell you what the rock is like. Grippy.

    Climbing with sacks enabled a pleasant walk down in the evening light. Given the time and the fact that the Buttermere hostelries are now more restaurants than pubs, we broke KMC tradition by NOT going for a post-meet drink.

    The team was Pete W, Jonathan, Roland, Dan W, Dave W, Jamie and Judith. Thanks to all for ‘keeping the faith’ and a great evening. Hope all the mini-meets also had a fine time.

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    Roland Jackson

    This is just to report that Dan and I did indeed survive the ‘letter-box’, which required sack-hauling (I can’t imagine how you could get through wearing a rucksack). Although Dan had a prior engagement (it was his birthday…) I can confirm that I maintained KMC post-meet tradition by having a drink when I got home.

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