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    Mark Ward

    Please find attached my first attempts at Tuesday and weekend meet list for 2022. As always I welcome comments and suggestions for new and interesting venues.

    As ever we need volunteers to put themselves forward and act as meet leader for each event, please be generous with your commitments so we can share out the extra responsibilities between all active climbing members rather than just a few will horses. If you would like to volunteer to lead some meets or you have any suggestions for alternatives to the venues I have included please let me know by email directly to markward1962@gmail.com. DO NOT USE THE REPLY BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THIS POST AS IT IS NOT WORKING CORRECTLY.

    If you haven’t acted as a meet leader but would be interested to find out more before you commit let me know (markward1962@gmail.com) and I can talk you through the role in more detail, having done it a few times I don’t think it is particularly onerous perhaps 1 hour in total per event although the first few times may take longer.


    I am away until 6 Feb so will not respond to emails until after then, but feel free to send me lots of emails

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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