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    Steve Pollington

    If , like me , you have noticed that Vibram boot soles are getting thinner with a correspondingly shorter working life and object to paying £60 for a re-sole, you might be interested in trying a bit of DIY resoling. I have been experimenting over the last couple of years, initially on very old boots for safety, and found that DIY boot repair is a viable alternative to forking out £60 every year and it works on both boots and approach shoes. However, until recently the problem has been sourcing Vibram soles.

    I have found the following useful suppliers https://www.leatherandgrindery.com


    Leather and Grindery (This isn’t as it name might suggest a dodgy website!) sells pairs of Vibram soles from around £10 upwards plus £3.75 for postage. They actually have quite a range of alternative soles and several varieties of Vibrams.

    Ecobbler sells Danite cleated soles and heels which could be of use if a full replacement is not requires. Danite is very hard wearing and much better than the unbranded types which they also sell.

    Regarding glue, I have found that Wilkinson’s Rubber Glue works very well. This is a clear polyurethane and sells for £2 per 15ml tube. Although this can be used as an impact adhesive, I have found that it works best when simply applied to on of the surfaces and then bound in placed with metres of Sellotape to provide a firm clamping action. It takes around three days to fully set when used this way.

    The biggest problem is removing the remains of the old soles. I use a sharp fine toothed saw, a carpenter’s vice and a belt sander. It takes a while and stinks but it does work.

    It’s not just that I’m a tight git, but DIY resoling makes extending the life of worn but otherwise serviceable boots practicable, helpng to save the planet at the same time.

    Happy cobbling!

    Steve Pollington.

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