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    Mark Megan

    The heavy rain in previous days and weeks was telling when we arrived at Bram Crag. After a brief game of spot the dry rock, the evening progressed successfully with most activity based on the Promontory buttress on which all climbs were done at least once. At the extremes others headed up the “sunburst slab” whilst two hardier souls continued to persevere with finding dry rock in between the streams running down the centre parc area.

    The sun stayed out most of the time and it was fine for climbing, until the sun dipped behind the hill. A small group headed for the traditional check to ensure the salutation inn was closed before a pint in the Horse and Farrier.

    Thanks to all who attended and made it a good evening climb: Steve, Euan, Sam, Pete, Josh, Matt, Mike W, Dan W, Mike M, Gee, Joe, David, Mark W.

    Mark M.

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