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    Steve Pollington

    Undeterred by a decidedly dodgy weather forecast, 6 members of the KMC toiled their way to Black Crag, having miraculously found space to park at the entrance to Troutdale. Mark W., Judith and Steve Pol. climbed the classic severe, Troutdale Pinnacle while Andy, Jane and Mike W. climbed the other classic , Troutdale Pinnacle Direct. The ascents were made with the ever-present threat of dark clouds. However, the weather gods appeared to have been satisfied by the recent offerings of Wimbledon and The Test Match and we were treated to dry if not some what chilly rock. As Judith said, the routes would have been even nicer in summer!

    We were joined later by Matt A. who had been unable to leave work early. Since there are no short routes on the crag and none of us fancied the prospect of benightment, poor Matt had to forego his climb, although he said he did enjoy the walk in. (Whatever happened to the spirit of adventure?)

    Meanwhile, due to shortage of time, Roz and the ever enthusiastic Jonathan C. formed a splinter group and climbed several good routes on Woden’s Face.

    A good time was had by all and celebrated in the bar of the Borrowdale Hotel. Thanks to all those who made it happen.

    Steve Pol.

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