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Stu Gorman

Evening all,

We are going to try attempt 2 for the skills share meet on Saturday 11th May.

The skills share meet is designed for new and existing members and will focus on passing on skills and knowledge to help members build confidence and support their climbing progression.

The location of the meet shall be the same as last time, Head End Quarry near Ireby.

Members looking to participate can sign up to one of two themes of coaching;

– Competent Seconding Skills
– Transition to Lead Climbing

As well as participants, we will be looking for experienced club members to help support by coaching and passing on their skills.

This would be a great meet for new members looking for their first opportunity to get out. Last year had a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere with lots of encouragement and safe spaces to ask those ‘silly questions’ and help each other. I am looking to create the same environment this time.

Given the nature of the meet, having people confirm attendance upfront will help us plan.

Can you please email or WhatsApp message me to ‘sign up’ as a participant or volunteer coach.

My email address is stu_dan@hotmail.com or 07854 083438 on WhatsApp.


Stu Gorman