1 thought on “Shepherd’s Crag Meet”

  1. The weather was perfect for the first meet of the season and there was a good turnout. I may have missed some but those present included Bryan, Paul, Richard, Dave H, Dave A, John K, Geraint, Brendan, Mark H, Jim, Fiona, Bob, new member John Moriarty and Stuart. Two prospective members Emily and her partner Simon also joined to check us out.

    Most people started on the easier climbs, it being the first time outside this year for many, but all the low grade classics were climbed.

    At 6:30, as some members were already heading to the pub, Stuart decided to take the 3 new recruits up Little Chamonix. With 4 climbers on only 2 ropes, the climb went slowly and Emily and Simon, who had no experience outside and very little inside, found it quite a challenge. Part way up the last pitch, Bob called up to check if he had to wait for me (he had given me a lift to the crag). I ascertained that Emily had a car, so I told him to go. We got down just as it had got dark and rushed off the crag to change and de-gear in the car park. It was at that point that we realised that, while Emily did have a car, it was the smallest car in the world with a large bike in the back – and there were 4 of us plus sacks to fit in two seats! Another car was just leaving the farm car park, so I threw myself in front of it and begged a lift for John back to Keswick. Emily then curled up in the boot or her car with a bike on top of her, while I squeezed into the front seat with the rucksacks on top of me. We arrived at the pub too late to get served food; with John M still in his climbing shoes and harness, de-gearing. It remains to be seen if I have put Emily and Simon off climbing for life – or simply off joining the KMC!

    Nonetheless, the 2019 season started well.

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