1 thought on “Castle Rock Thirlmere Meet”

  1. Hi – there was a good turn-out for this meet. Unfortunately intermittent and locally isolated rain stopped play before it started. Dave and Richard actually got as far as gearing up before the mizzle turned to drizzle and wet their ropes. Stuart had a signal and a better phone than the meet leader so sent out the cancellation notice, though not in time to stop Fiona, who we encountered coming up the hill as we retreated. Some folk got no further than the car park. Some of us reconnoitred the shattered debris below North Crag (big, loose and unstable – best avoided). Richard and Dave retreated to Kong, while Stuart, Celia, Bob and I favoured a brief sojourn to the pub.

    Very disappointing after such a good start to the season last week. I’m not available on Thursday and with it being a long bank holiday weekend ahead quite a lot of people are already committed, so the meet won’t be reorganised this week. Hopefully the weather will be back to rights next Tuesday for Bram Crag.

    Attendees, however briefly, were Richard, Dave H, Stuart, Celia, Bob, Fiona, John Knifton (and his pal, Phil), Dave A. and Judith. Apologies if anyone didn’t get the cancellation message in time.

    Better luck next week.

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