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Stu Gorman

The weather finally played ball and the rescheduled skills share meet went a head on Saturday 11th with over 20 members gathering at Head End Quarry. The aim of the day, to share skills and knowledge with each other, gaining confidence with our personal skills and climbing in a club environment. It was amazing to see so many new members. The weather was so good it was almost a shame we were not in the high mountain crags! Hopefully it continues and many more members are now keen to join the upcoming busy summer schedule!

Thanks to all who volunteered to share their knowledge and to those who participated. I hope you enjoyed the session and found it useful.

Members: Stu G, Mark, Judith, Mark , Steve, Matt, Sam, Robyn, Carol, Craig, Audrey, Anne, Jen, John, Abby, Kerry, Chris, Tilly, Nick, Rowan L, Oli.