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Stu Gorman

Spring has arrived, apparently but Mother Nature has missed the memo and the weather is yet to pick up. Still despite a reschedule to a Thursday, traditionally meaning less members can make it, Head End Quarry was a hive of KMC climbers desperate for their first taste of outdoor rock in the 2024 season.

The turn out was excellent and there were lines being climbed across the full length of the crag. It was amazing to see so many new members coming along for their first evening out.

With the early bids getting the best of the weather and more climbing done, the late shift arrived, still managing to climb a few routes before the wind picked up more and the misty rain landed. Only one thing left to do at that point, a quick pint and a catch up at the greyhound in Bothel.

Great climbing enjoyed in the company of John, Chris M, Pete, Rowan, Steve H, Sam M, Cath, Ali , Mark, Euan, Mike, Charlie, Ann, Carol, Steve, Kath, Adam, Alice, Dave and Stu G.