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Daniel Wilson

Skirgill bridge quarry meet 8 August 2023

The sunshine was back and around 14 group members attended the meet. Many variation of Mike were there (Mike, mick, Matt and surely another Mike), Anna, Kevin, Robyn, scott, David and Dan to name a few (apologies to those whose names I forget!). The parking worked perfectly (thanks scott for the heads up on the overflow parking) and the majority of the dry routes were climbed (Kevs grumblings, switchblade, still crazy after all these years, wilderness edge, kleptomania, the book thief, Genga, whinlatter wall direct, bootlegger, scawgill grooves – we left the 7a for next time – or until a top rope bolt is in place). It was a sociable evening with lots of rope sharing which meant lots of climbing! A quick pint in the wheatsheaf capped off a great evening!.. thanks all!!