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Mark Ward

Six Intrepid members of the club travelled to Langdale in spite of the low cloud and mist anticipating brighter weather in the valley. On arrival, in spite of a slight improvement in visibility, Pavey Ark could not be seen due to the low cloud so after a short discussion it was agreed to venture to Scout crags to check how damp the rock was at a lower level.
On arrival the rock was clean and dry, even the famous Scout Crags polish seemed to have been roughed by the recent rain, and unusually the crag was not infested by groups and guided parties.
Throughout the day multiple ascents were made of Routes 1, 1.5 and 2 on the upper crag whilst a splinter group tackled the delights of lower Scout including Cubs Groove, Cubs Crack Oh Heck direct and The Slab. Geraint and Judith made valiant efforts to overcome the unprotected green slime on Zero route, and explored gardening options on Rambler’s hangover before returning to traditional climbing i.e. on rock!
A welcome return to Judith after her recent re-engineering, a couple of good routes ticked well done
A mask free pint in the NDG was a perfect end to a good day out